Iberia Plus is the travel rewards program by Iberia. For every flight you take with LEVEL, you can collect Avios. Furthermore, every time that you fly with your Iberia Plus card, you'll earn Elite Points to reach the next level.

AVIOS is the common currency for Iberia Plus, British Airways Executive Club and the Avios programme in the United Kingdom. You can earn them on flights, using the services of Partners, with promotions and with products in the Iberia Plus Programme. You can use your Avios for flights, nights at a hotel or car hire and enjoy offers in entertainment and other areas from the more than 90 partners associated with the Iberia Plus Programme. Just identify yourself as an Iberia Plus cardholder when you book with LEVEL or with other participating companies.

Cabin Booking Class Avios Percentage
Premium Economy W 150%
Premium Economy E, T 100%
Economy Y, B, H 100%
Economy K, M, L 50%
Economy V, S, N 25%
Economy Q, O, A 10%

Flights with LEVEL will not give you miles with oneworld airlines.


With Elite Points you accumulate points to upgrade your Elite card level: Silver, Gold or Platinum. For every flight you take with LEVEL, you can also collect Elite Points, a currency that can only be obtained with flights and which is used to maintain and/or access the elite card levels. Get them exclusively when you fly with Iberia Group, Vueling and oneworld alliance companies.

Passengers who hold an Elite status card with Iberia are not entitled to any special benefits on LEVEL flights.

Booking Class Elite Points
W 225
E, T 160
B, V, H 140
K, M, L, V, S, N 75
Q, O, A 40

The Elite Points will depend on the class you book and the distance, in miles, of each journey.


  • Iberia reserves the right to change the Elite Points collection tables
  • Iberia reserves the right to exclude fares from Elite Points and Avios collection
  • Flights with a shared code booked with a code belonging to a company associated with Iberia but operated by a company that is not associated with Iberia do not fulfil the requirements to add Avios and Elite Points

For more information, see this link and discover the benefits of the programme.

Do you want to book a LEVEL flight using your Iberia Plus account?
On LEVEL flights, you can buy flights using your Avios. To do so, go to Iberia.com, log in to your personal area and search for flights with Avios. You can also use this link.